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plugin-regexp/remove-useless-group should not remove groups in `.split()` or `.replace()`

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

plugin-regexp/remove-useless-group changes:

'lala'.split(/(a)/g); // Output: ["l", "a", "l", "a", ""]


'lala'.split(/a/g); // Output: ["l", "l", ""]

It also changes:

'lala'.replace(/(a)/g,'-$1-'); // Output: "l-a-l-a-"


'lala'.replace(/a/g,'-$1-'); // Output: "l-$1-l-$1-"

This plugin is safe to use in .test(), but should likely ignore regex that appears in any other function (match, split, replace).

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

egilllcommented, Aug 23, 2021

Wonderful, now works correctly when inside of a split or replace. There are three other situations I’ve been able to find where this results in changing the output:

  1. Standalone regex
// Before
const r = /(a)/g;
"lala".split(r);  // Output: ["l", "a", "l", "a", ""]
// After
const r = /a/g;
"lala".split(r); // Output: ["l", "l", ""]
  1. exec()
// Before
/(a)/g.exec("haha"); // Output: ["a", "a"]
// After
/a/g.exec("haha"); // Output: ["a"]
  1. replaceAll()
// Before
"lala".replaceAll(/(a)/g,'-$1-'); // Output: "l-a-l-a-"
// After
"lala".replaceAll(/a/g, "-$1-"); // Output: "l-$1-l-$1-"

A possible solution (in particular to the standalone regex) might be to whitelist regex that is:

  • Directly followed by .test()
  • Directly followed by .search()
  • Inside of .match()

instead of blacklisting?

(By the way, this is a great project that I’ve been much in need of!)

coderaisercommented, Aug 31, 2021

Landed in @putout/plugin-regexp@2.8.0 🎉 . Is it works for you?

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