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Unclear how to run only a single rule

See original GitHub issue

I’m unable to figure out how to run Putout with only a single rule enabled. One would assume that putout src --enable remove-unused-variables, or that only having one plugin/rule specified in .putout.json would do the trick, but that turns out not to be the case, instead all default rules are enabled.

(This is not an issue as such, but if anyone could tell me how to do this I would like to add it to the docs. I do see now what --enable does, but it’s not quite what one would expect.)

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  • Created 2 years ago
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egilllcommented, Sep 15, 2021

Hm yes I do see your point.

My idea was to propose something along the lines of:

  --rules apply-optional-chaining,merge-if-statements

Or possibly:

  --enable apply-optional-chaining
  --enable merge-if-statements

But alternatively I do like Milahu’s suggestion of disabling all defaults in the config:

+  "defaults": "off",
  "rules": {
    "apply-destructuring/array": "on"
  "processors": [["javascript", "on"]]

as it would make Putout’s behaviour more in line with one’s expectations. For example, if one later adds some new code pattern one wouldn’t have to think “Do I have to turn all the defaults off in Putout again?”. It might also to make the config file more managable for those who are starting out with Putout and who are being cautious regarding transformations. At least in my case it wasn’t feasible to start with all defaults enabled since there are a handful of rules that cause my code to break in some subtle way, therefore I’ve been turning them on one by one to be able to review the outcome.

milahucommented, Sep 1, 2021

aah! : )

my error was to combine --fix and --disable-all in one call

in that case, putout should throw an error like “only one command per call” where commands are --fix, --disable-all, --enable, …

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