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Hello folks,

I know this is a project made after the 2 hours Daniel spent to make the QuadTree videos, but I think it could either benefit from either:

  • Being renamed to QuadTreeExample (because it’s definitely just a bunch of examples, at least for now 😄 )
  • Split into smaller packages.

Just saying this because we have very common classes here (Point, Rectangle…) that could be used as simple geometry for any kind of project based on a canvas, and the QuadTree one that depends on the Geometry one.

Or then rename this project to Geometry and put everything in it in separate files 🤣 .

What do you think?

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  • Created 5 years ago
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Pierstovalcommented, Mar 27, 2018

I’m totally 👍 for adding an object (or subject maybe?) property to Point! I was mostly arguing about the particle part, because IMO this “subject” should be an abstraction that can mix types, not a fixed one. Sounds totally legit to me, and it could be a recursive relationship: for example, a Particle is associated with a Point, and the Point “carries” the Particle as a “subject”. This allows using the Point class in any library 😄

Maik1999commented, Apr 10, 2018

Maybe it is better to call the Point class different. Something like QuadTreeData or so. Then you know that it is not a “normal” point like @Pierstoval mentioned.

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