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C\C++ header tags in html gets removed

See original GitHub issue

Package’s name string-strip-html

Describe the bug Not sure if this is by design or a bug, but C\C++ #include <header.h> code in HTML gets removed.

To Reproduce


import { stripHtml } from 'string-strip-html';

console.log(stripHtml('<code>#include <stdio.h>;<code>').result);
console.log(stripHtml('<code>#include &lt;stdio.h&gt;</code>').result);



Expected behavior Non-Html tags shouldn’t be removed, so the output should be:

#include <stdio.h>;
#include <stdio.h>;

Live Demo

Additional context Faced that problem when tried to parse questions content from StackOverflow.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

OfirD1commented, Sep 23, 2021

The option opts.stripRecognisedHTMLOnly is good.

In addition, consider also a case where one has a <code> block with nested HTML tags. There are use-cases where it is desired to keep element nested under the <code> blocked completely unremoved.
One such use-case is scraping using API to get content from sites like StackOverflow (similar to my use-case above), where questions contain code blocks that should be kept intact.

So maybe a more sophisticated option opts.ignoreUnderQuerySelector should be provided, where the user supplies a query selector (e.g., code, .code, or #code) and then the engine ignores nested content under matched elements.

reveltcommented, Nov 22, 2021

released in v.9.1.0:

// Ignores code tags and their contents

import { strict as assert } from "assert";
import { stripHtml } from "string-strip-html";

const someHtml = `<code>#include <stdio.h>;</code> and <code>#include &lt;stdio.h&gt;</code>`;

// default behaviour:
assert.equal(stripHtml(someHtml).result, `#include; and #include`);

// ignore <code> tag pairs
  stripHtml(someHtml, {
    ignoreTagsWithTheirContents: ["code"],
    skipHtmlDecoding: true,
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