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Node 14 + TS + Import: Compilation Error

See original GitHub issue

Package’s name string-strip-html

Describe the bug I added the string-strip-html to a Node 14 server solution that works with TypeScript. The compilation failed with a mention to no use require. However, I was using import.

To fix the issue, I followed what @revelt mentioned in this post.

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. npm install string-strip-html@latest --save
  2. import { stripHtml } from "string-strip-html";
  3. Run tsx on the project

TypeScript configuration has:

  • target to es2016
  • module to commonjs

Expected behavior To be able to consume the latest version with TypeScript

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 2 years ago
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  • Comments:10 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

giovannijoubertcommented, Sep 20, 2021

Can also confirm, 8.3.0 working fine for now in the same setup.

gh-andrecommented, Nov 20, 2021

I ran into the same problem in a TypeScript project. I can use the latest version of string-strip-html in a standalone project with type set as module in package.json and import statements in plain .js files, but in a larger TypeScript project the same doesn’t work and I’m seeing the ERR_REQUIRE_ESM error when module is commonjs in tsconfig.json or it just won’t work at all if module is set to es6 because packages like mongodb won’t load as ES6 modules.

The only working configuration for my setup with Node v12.22.7 is this:

  • package.json doesn’t have type set to module
  • tsconfig.json has module set to commonjs (needed for some 3rd-party packages, like mongodb)
  • tsconfig.json has moduleResolution set to node
  • string-strip-html v8.3.0 is installed

I guess if one can find all of their dependencies written as ES modules, the latest version of string-strip-html can be used, but otherwise v8.3.0 seems to be the only solution for the time being.

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