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Keep href value in link

See original GitHub issue

Is it possibile with the current api to keep both the content and the href value in the <a> tag?


stripHtml(`<a href="">twitter:loretparisi&nbsp;&oslash;</a>`).result
" twitter:loretparisi ø"

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  • Created 2 years ago
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reveltcommented, Jun 1, 2021

@paulthemagno Let me explain. When we need to mark multiple amendments on string, we need a way to mark “delete from this index to this index”, or “delete from this to this but also insert this”. Solution — Ranges. It’s just array of arrays: [[0, 1], [3,4, “add”]] — means delete from index 0 to index 1; then replace slice between index 3 and 4 with “add”.

I suspect what is happening, since callback API is consistent, it had to serve something for “insert”, so it gives you an empty string, meaning: replace [deleteFrom, deleteTo] with empty string. If third element in a range array is missing, null or an empty string, it’s the same — deletion.

Conceptually, there’s no way to get twitter:loretparisi&nbsp;&oslash; because program only processes the HTML tags, opening <a> separately from </a>

In theory, one way to “get” twitter:loretparisi&nbsp;&oslash; tied to the tag pair would be to use a parser (like this), traverse (for example using this), push each tag location to let’s say same Ranges (using this), then apply them onto a string (using this). I’m doing exact same thing in stristri, — it’s also an HTML stripping tool but based off a tokenizer — 164 lines of code.

But that above might be overkill, try the callback, replacing tag-by-tag.

It depends what you need to achieve, I can draw up more examples if it helps. Also, have a look at existing examples.

reveltcommented, May 28, 2021

seems doable, using opts.cb:

// Retain href and link label

import { strict as assert } from "assert";
import { stripHtml } from "../dist/string-strip-html.esm.js";

const someHtml = `<a href="">twitter:loretparisi&nbsp;&oslash;</a>`;

  stripHtml(someHtml, {
    skipHtmlDecoding: true,

  stripHtml(someHtml, {
    skipHtmlDecoding: true,
    cb: ({ tag, deleteFrom, deleteTo, insert, rangesArr, proposedReturn }) => {
      let temp;
      if ( === "a" &&
        tag.attributes &&
        tag.attributes.some((attr) => {
          if ( === "href") {
            temp = attr.value;
            return true;
      ) {
        rangesArr.push([deleteFrom, deleteTo, `${temp} ${insert}`]);
      } else {
  ` twitter:loretparisi&nbsp;&oslash;`

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