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All Console output is standard error

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Issue Description

Good day, Thank you for this great tool, I’m calling rio cogeo from another application, I would like to know why any output of the program is flagged as a standard error. for example

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 months ago
  • Comments:6 (4 by maintainers)

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kylebarroncommented, Sep 12, 2022

As another opinion, I agree with this article that all informational updates, like in this context, should go to stderr, not stdout.

Standard output is where your script main’s output should go. For instance, the command ls is responsible for listing the content of a directory. This listing goes to stdout.

Standard error is where debugging information and errors should go. The name is a bit misleading because you can use it to display runtime informations and not only errors.

The main usefulness of printing informative updates to stderr is that piping to other CLI programs works better because only the actual data is on stdout.

im28commented, Sep 13, 2022

@kylebarron, Thanks for the explanation, Apologies for not being clear enough. I have a python script that calls the cog_translate API among other things, (this script is later called through the CLI via C#).

If it’s via a shell process the main way you’d usually find if it errored is through a non-zero exit code

I didn’t think of that, I believe that will work for my use case. I will close this issue. Thank you!

I still believe having a progress callback might be a nice addition perhaps I should open another issue for that, let me know your thoughts.

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