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Creating COG out of big rasters

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I’m trying to create a COG out of a very big rasters (e.g. 73012 x 364544) and I spotted the following pattern: the progress bar is very fast at the beginning of the process but but it gets slower and slower as it gets closer to the end. For example the first 20% have been completed in few minutes but then:

Reading input: /tmp/tmpg1bth1qf/dest/20211207_023956_SN8_L3_SR_MS.tif
  [##########--------------------------]   27%  03:56:52

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  • Created 2 years ago
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drnextgiscommented, Jan 7, 2022

I don’t know the root cause of the issue but I’ve found a workaround.

In my case blockxsize / blockysize values of the source raster are 512px. When I set blockxsize=512 and blockxsize=512 for the output raster then everything works fine (1024px is also ok). But if change it to 256px then performance becomes very poor. Closing for now.

drnextgiscommented, Jan 7, 2022

Apparently add_mask=True is a culprit. With add_mask=False it takes same amount of time as for gdal_translate.

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