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gatsby-types.d.ts is not generated

See original GitHub issue


I’m trying to install and set up this plugin, but I’m unable to get the types-file generated (gatsby-types.d.ts).

This is my config for this plugin:

    resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-typegen',
    options: {
      outputPath: 'src/__generated__/gatsby-types.d.ts',
      includeResolvers: false,
      emitSchema: {
        'src/__generated__/gatsby-schema.graphql': true,
        'src/__generated__/gatsby-introspection.json': true,
      emitPluginDocuments: {
        'src/__generated__/gatsby-plugin-documents.graphql': true,

After I run either gatsby develop or gatsby build, the only files that end up in the __generated__ folder is:


These are some relevant plugins that I’m are using:

    "gatsby-plugin-ts": "^2.7.1",
    "gatsby-plugin-typegen": "^2.2.4",
    "gatsby": "^2.32.4",

I did some digging into your code, and it seems as QUERY_EXTRACTION_BABEL_SUCCESS is never triggered. Added a debug log where it checks for that action. These are the actions types that it was able to pick up:


These are the typegen logs:

[typegen] Successfully validate your configuration.
  "language": "typescript",
  "namespace": "GatsbyTypes",
  "outputPath": "src/__generated__/gatsby-types.d.ts",
  "includeResolvers": false,
  "autoFix": true,
  "emitSchema": {
    "src/__generated__/gatsby-schema.graphql": {
      "format": "sdl",
      "commentDescriptions": true
    "src/__generated__/gatsby-introspection.json": {
      "format": "introspection",
      "commentDescriptions": true
  "emitPluginDocuments": {
    "src/__generated__/gatsby-plugin-documents.graphql": true
  "scalars": {}

[typegen] Listen on query extraction
[typegen] End-up listening on query extraction.
[typegen] Watching schema/query changes and re-run workers
[typegen] Emit Gatsby schema into src/__generated__/gatsby-schema.graphql
[typegen] Emit Gatsby schema into src/__generated__/gatsby-introspection.json

Any ideas?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cometkimcommented, Mar 14, 2022

This should be fixed in v3, and I will test it on my Gatsby Cloud today.

v3 doesn’t use QUERY_EXTRACTION_BABEL_SUCCESS action anymore.

stefanplcommented, May 21, 2021

Facing the same issue … quite frustrating, since it cannot be reproduced reliably, and breaks CI. (parallel soucing is diabled) Looking forward to v3 😊

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