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Scalar JSON always undefined due to default config of JSON set to type never

See original GitHub issue


in DEFAULT_SHARED_CONFIG scalar JSON is set to never and this is creating an issue for the generated type gatsbyImageData when using it with gatsby-source-contentful. Tried changing JSON type to any and that seems to fix it.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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kijecommented, Apr 29, 2021

@dgattey @cometkim beware Record<string, any> might not improve things/not work for the gatsbyImage use case, as helper functions from gatsby-plugin-image (like getImage) expect to get a ImageDataLike type passed as argument.

JSON: any would work without the need for a cast in this case, as all types can be casted to any (and vice versa). JSON: Record<string, any> on the other hand is not structurally equal to ImageDataLike and it cannot be casted to any type, thus Typescript will throw a type error since Record<string, any> is not guaranteed to have the required fields from ImageDataLike

Also, regardless of the gatsby image use case, something like [1,2,3] would also be valid JSON, so in this case Record<string, any> wouldn’t be the correct type either.

Thus, IMHO JSON: any seems to be IMHO the better type to use

cometkimcommented, Mar 5, 2021

Hi @mhretab Thanks for the reporting.

I quit my job 3 months ago and haven’t had a chance to explore the new Gatsby APIs. However, I think I have had enough rest. I will try again soon and this will definitely be included in v3.

And please share your work if it is public. It will be very helpful for investigation.

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