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Introduce preset components

See original GitHub issue

This is an idea and proposal to simplify the usage of several things.

The problem

Building a view using UI components is great, it makes it easy and fun. However there is one little issue that is kind of annoying and that you end up doing all over again: duplicated messages.

For example, when you build a form you usually need a Cancel and Save button. So you usually end up creating messages for those buttons because the UI components require you to pass a label. This happens for other things that are spread all over the different views. And of course you end up having A LOT of duplicated messages to be translated, when 99% of the cases might not be necessary.


The proposal

It would nice to have some sort of “preset” components that are translated and everything within the ui-kit, so that as a consumer we don’t need to care about all those messages again.

For example:

  • <CancelButton>
  • <SaveButton>

…and whatever other components might be useful.


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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:11 (11 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

tdeekenscommented, Nov 27, 2018

Can’t app-kit expose those?

export defineMessages({
   save: ...

and we do:

import { sharedMessages } from 'app-kit`
emmenkocommented, Nov 23, 2018

We can either add a separate section for these types of components

Yes, that’s what I meant with the “preset” thingy. It’s just a grouping for such components.

Sidenote: I found the name “presets” quite confusing.

I know, I couldn’t find a better name to describe this 😅

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