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UIKit i18n messages

See original GitHub issue

Description I was looking for how we handle i18n messages in UI-Kit, but apparently there is no thing related yet but a command that does not work yarn i18n:build.

However I have some doubts regarding this.

  • Is the UIKit intended to have an i18n folder? If that’s the case, should we use the same Transifex project as the MC-FE?
  • If we finally go ahead with this, should we just copy the scripts that we have for the FE here?

Additional context I’m asking all of this because one of the points of the last UX/UAT review on channels was that the messages from LocalizedInputs (expand languages, hide languages) are not in transifex. So we have the whole view in DE except those two (we are using there LocalizedInput, MultiLineLocalizedInput)

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  • Created 5 years ago
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mariabarrenacommented, Sep 17, 2018

No worries @montezume I’m also off from tomorrow on and the translations are available for CT email addresses only. Let’s do it next week. I’ll name you in the jira ticket so I don’t forget anyway 😛

mariabarrenacommented, Sep 17, 2018

@montezume I can translate from that, but we will definitely need a more friendly list whenever we have the next language to be translated. Let’s not worry about it for now 😃 Once I’m done with the Spanish translations, who can help me with bringing them to the UIkit?

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