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Collect and document contribution guidelines

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

EDIT: This issue has been broadened in scope to discuss the introduction of contribution guidelines in general. Initially it talked specifically about the Node and npm versions used for the project. The original content remains at the end of this post.

Original text:

From the presence of a package-lock.json file in the repo, I presume that at least npm v5 (and therefore, probably Node v8) is needed.

To make it less of a trial & error for new contributors when setting up their dev environment, could you add some info on actual minimum required versions for these pre-npm install tools to the README? 😃

Or just reply here and i’ll create a pull request 😉

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mikehenrtycommented, Oct 4, 2017

Thanks to @carolstran, we’ve got a great starting point from #427!! \o/ Let’s continue to use this bug to talk about what we still need.

lehnerpatcommented, Aug 18, 2017

For convenience, I’m cross-posting my ideas here 😃

I was thinking something along what other OSS projects use, and what GitHub recommends to be in a CONTRIBUTING file.

Some of the points I think would be great to mention there:

  • points and methods of communicating with the team/maintainers
    • e.g. GH issues for bug reports/feature requests, Discourse for more general discussion, whatever real-time chat avenue comes out of our other conversation
  • more details on setting up the local development environment
    • list of software required (e.g. MySQL isn’t currently mentioned anywhere)
    • versions required (esp. Node and npm, see #423)
    • where configuration goes, and what needs to be configured to get up and running; possibly also where to get backend/DB and AWS credentials (see also: #427)
    • some of these technical details could also be extracted to another file (main README or a readme in another folder, or another file entirely), and referenced from CONTRIBUTING
  • where to start in terms of things to change/fix/add
    • filter for “help wanted” issues on GH
    • ignore the “triage” tag (or not? otherwise indicate how you use and interpret the triage tag, and how this affects "ready for development)
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