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FunctionsConfig not respecting ResourceRef/ExternalKind

See original GitHub issue

We have the following type extension to the functions builder:

type FunctionsBuilder with
    member this.LinkToUnmanagedStorage (state:Farmer.Builders.Functions.FunctionsConfig, storageAccountId) =
       {state with StorageAccount =  External ( Unmanaged ( storageAccountId )) }

However, owing to the way FunctionsConfig sets the dependencies, the external-ness of this is ignored:

member this.StorageAccountName : Storage.StorageAccountName = this.StorageAccount.resourceId(this).Name |> Storage.StorageAccountName.Create |> Result.get
// ...
              Dependencies = Set [
                yield! this.Dependencies
                match this.AppInsights with
                | Some (DependableResource this resourceId) -> resourceId
                | _ -> ()
                for setting in this.Settings do
                    match setting.Value with
                    | ExpressionSetting e -> yield! Option.toList e.Owner
                    | ParameterSetting _ | LiteralSetting _ -> ()
                match this.ServicePlan with
                | DependableResource this resourceId -> resourceId
                | _ -> ()

                storageAccounts.resourceId this.StorageAccountName.ResourceName

Is it possible to

  1. Respect the external-ness of ResourceRef
  2. Add unmanaged operator overloads to the Functions Builder to give parity with the WebApp builder?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:8 (8 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

TheRSPcommented, Nov 27, 2020

Thank you for the fix. I’ve passed on your warnings about sharing storage accounts to my colleagues working with the functions I think we’ll be adjusting our plans based on this. Thank you.

isaacabrahamcommented, Nov 27, 2020

@TheRSP this will be pushed out as part of the next 1.3 release. Just note: don’t have two azure functions instances that share the same storage account as the dashboard (or maybe even the leases) probably won’t work. That’s why have isolated storage accounts for each functions instance is IMHO better practice.

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