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Safely setting ACR container registry credentials for webApp

See original GitHub issue

I have the following configuration for a webApp:

let deployment =
    let plan = servicePlan {
        name "buildAgents"
        sku WebApp.Sku.S3

    let webApps : IBuilder list = [
        for i in 1 .. agentCount do
            webApp {
                name ("xx-yy-buildAgent-" + string i)
                link_to_service_plan plan
                docker_image $"buildagent:{buildAgentImageTag}" ""
                docker_use_azure_registry "someacr"
    let deployment = arm {
        location Location.WestEurope
        add_resources webApps

An attempt to deploy this leads to the following error:

The following parameters are missing: docker-password-for-someacr. Please add them

Looking at our terraform-generated webapps, I see that we set a setting called DOCKER_REGISTRY_SERVER_PASSWORD with a secret from a keyVault.

I understand I can add a setting with setting "DOCKER_REGISTRY_SERVER_PASSWORD" "x", but I don’t understand how I can safely use the secret from the keyvault to set this setting.

I did not manage to find a solution searching the documentation for “secret” and looking at the existing examples.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Szercommented, Dec 16, 2020

@l3m just yesterday did the same and I had to do 2 separate deployments. First - ACR deployment with creds as output Second - WebApp deployment with creds as input

I couldn’t make it work inside one deployment even with depends_on and ARM expressions

isaacabrahamcommented, Dec 16, 2020

@l3m the password to access “someacr” is expected to be provided as a parameter to the ARM template to provision it. My understanding for using docker with app service is that this is required so when you do the deploy you need to provide it e.g.

|> Deploy.execute "my-resource-group" [ "docker-password-for-someacr", "<password>" ]

Of course, `“<password>” is a string that can be retrieved and supplied to the template in any way that you like.

(I’m not aware of any implicit support because docker on app service and key vault.)

@dburriss do you have any thoughts on this one? I seem to recall you worked on this. @forki I think you’re using this as well - are you using it with key vault or some other way?

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