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[BUG] dependencies backwards from `pyproject.toml`

See original GitHub issue

Describe the bug In the latest release (1.8.0) it seems that something changed where packages extracted from a pyproject.toml come in the opposite order of how they were originally listed.

To Reproduce

grayskull pypi poetry

Look at the package order Look at the order in:

Expected behavior Packages should be in the same order, not the opposite.


$ cat poetry/meta.yaml 
{% set name = "poetry" %}
{% set version = "1.2.0" %}

  name: {{ name|lower }}
  version: {{ version }}

  url:{{ name[0] }}/{{ name }}/poetry-{{ version }}.tar.gz
  sha256: 17c527d5d5505a5a7c5c14348d87f077d643cf1f186321530cde68e530bba59f

  skip: true  # [py>=400 or py2k]
  script: {{ PYTHON }} -m pip install . -vv
  number: 0

    - python
    - ansible
    - pip
    - python
    - dulwich >=0.20.44,<0.21.0
    - urllib3 >=1.26.0,<2.0.0
    - xattr >=0.9.7,<0.10.0  #  [darwin]
    - virtualenv
    - tomlkit >=0.11.1,<1.0.0,!=0.11.2,!=0.11.3
    - shellingham >=1.5,<2.0
    - requests-toolbelt >=0.9.1,<0.10.0
    - requests >=2.18,<3.0
    - platformdirs >=2.5.2,<3.0.0
    - pkginfo >=1.5,<2.0
    - pexpect >=4.7.0,<5.0.0
    - packaging >=20.4
    - keyring >=21.2.0
    - jsonschema >=4.10.0,<5.0.0
    - importlib-metadata >=4.4,<5.0  #  [py<310]
    - html5lib >=1.0,<2.0
    - crashtest >=0.3.0,<0.4.0
    - cleo >=1.0.0a5,<2.0.0
    - cachy >=0.3.0,<0.4.0
    - cachecontrol >=0.12.9,<0.13.0
    - poetry-plugin-export >=1.0.6,<2.0.0
    - poetry-core ==1.1.0

    - poetry
    - pip check
    - pip

  summary: Python dependency management and packaging made easy.
  license: MIT
    - tests/fixtures/with-include/LICENSE

    - AddYourGitHubIdHere


$ grayskull --version

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  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:19 (19 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

maresbcommented, Aug 31, 2022

Ok, to remove all uncertainty, I do:

docker run --rm -it mambaorg/micromamba:git-476701e
micromamba install -y -c conda-forge grayskull
grayskull pypi poetry=1.2.0

And now I see it backwards! 🙃

maresbcommented, Sep 1, 2022

Ya, this is super weird. Thanks for the report.

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