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[BUG] get_sdist_metadata return value in tests can change

See original GitHub issue
(py38) denolf@lindenolf:~/dev/grayskull$ pip list | grep souschef
conda-souschef                2.2.1
(py38) denolf@lindenolf:~/dev/grayskull$ pip list | grep gray
grayskull                     1.5.1.dev3+g62509c4.d20220728      (current main branch)

This test passes when I run it like this

pytest tests/

but fails when I do this

pytest tests/

Somehow get_sdist_metadata returns something different in both cases. Not sure why.

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  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
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marcelotrevisanicommented, Jul 29, 2022

but it can be improved, indeed, putting something like

except KeyboardInterrupt:

before the BaseException to cover this case

marcelotrevisanicommented, Jul 29, 2022

there are a few bugs in the past that was not covered by using just exception. Some exceptions like SystemExit and GeneratorExit are not covered by using just Exception, the BaseException there is needed

Ok but this means grayskull cannot be interrupted or killed when inside injection_distutil.

It cannot be killed by KeyboardInterrupt, but sigkill works as normal

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