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Meteor 1.3 Integration

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hi i’m trying to use w Meteor 1.3. Meteor install commands:

meteor create ethereum-app
cd ethereum-app
meteor npm install
meteor npm install --save eth-lightwallet

but when using eth-lightwallet from w/in meteor. Just copy the following line into main.js (for example):

import lightwallet from 'eth-lightwallet';

and starting the meteor app with:


i get:

Unable to resolve some modules:

  "build/Release/sha3" in

does somebody have a idea on how to solve this?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:11 (4 by maintainers)

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IstoraMandiricommented, Apr 24, 2016

Seems like this issue isn’t specific to eth-lightwallet; it’s originating from the ethereumjs-util -> keccakjs dependency.

If you really want to get it working with Meteor, a temporary fix that worked for me was to clone and rewire the dependancy tree, then hardcode:


module.exports = require('browserify-sha3').SHA3Hash
pjworrallcommented, Apr 28, 2016

ah! . My Meteor had just hung and never reported anything. I had to kill the processes. I hadn’t read @retrotinkler log properly. I am all go now. So thanks.

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