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ripemd160 is not supported

See original GitHub issue

Hi, when doing : var randomSeed = lightwallet.keystore.generateRandomSeed(extraEntropy)

it throw : Error: ripemd160 is not supported (we accept pull requests) Trace de la pile : module.exports@http://localhost:8080/app.js:151561:19 module.exports@http://localhost:8080/app.js:151550:11 Hash.ripemd160@http://localhost:8080/app.js:198294:11 Hash.sha256ripemd160@http://localhost:8080/app.js:198299:11 HDPrivateKey.prototype._buildFromBuffers@http://localhost:8080/app.js:207826:22 HDPrivateKey.prototype._buildFromObject@http://localhost:8080/app.js:207714:11 HDPrivateKey@http://localhost:8080/app.js:207469:6 HDPrivateKey.fromSeed@http://localhost:8080/app.js:207760:11 Mnemonic.prototype.toHDPrivateKey@http://localhost:8080/app.js:208956:11 KeyStore@http://localhost:8080/app.js:170272:19 newWallet/<@http://localhost:8080/app.js:143693:24 KeyStore.deriveKeyFromPassword/cb@http://localhost:8080/app.js:170628:8 scrypt/</<@http://localhost:8080/app.js:210140:10 scrypt/interruptedFor/<@http://localhost:8080/app.js:210099:12 onNextTick@http://localhost:8080/app.js:78599:10 drainQueue@http://localhost:8080/app.js:2310:18

As it is no (longer ?) supported, does anyone use it or everyone has forked eth-lightwallet to use another hash ?

Thank you

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ericvrpcommented, Mar 1, 2017

I have encountered the same problem once I tried to use eth-lighwallet in a create-react-app . This is the solution I am using now.

// monkeypatch (see: import crypto from ‘crypto’ const sourceCreateHash = crypto.createHash crypto.createHash = function createHash(alg) { if (alg === ‘ripemd160’) { alg = ‘rmd160’ } return sourceCreateHash(alg) }

tmyjoecommented, Dec 23, 2016

I’ve encountered same error, but change to use webpack 2 instead of 1 solved my issue.

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