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Allow `issuePrefixes` to be a RegEx

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Currently, I have to set a multitude of prefixes for all my projects, and it would be best if I could just allow a RegEx:

Actual: issuePrefixes: ['XCAF-', 'ELNEW-', 'CRES-'] Preferred: issuePrefixes: /[A-Z]+-/

Would be even better if we could just define what an issue is instead of just a prefix. That would allow for any system: /#(\d+)\b/, /\b([A-Z]+-\d+)\b/, /\b(\d+)\$/, etc (notice the capturing group as well so it captures exactly what an issue is)

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  • Created 6 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

alfaprojectcommented, Jan 24, 2018

Yes, I’ll give it a shot this weekend

gerlvcommented, Oct 24, 2019

I’ve checked the issue prefix code, technically you can pass valid regex as a string and it will be converted into regex.

We are using JIRA for issues, the format is JIRA-123, but JIRA part is usually project-specific, i.e. PROJA or PROJB, so passing -i "[A-Z]+-" matches JIRA tickets.

But, it also matches J-I-R-A-1, doesn’t match J-I-R-A.

I.e. log.txt

fix: something

Closes JIRA-123

conventional-commits-parser -i "[A-Z]+-" log.txt will match JIRA-123:

$ conventional-commits-parser -i "[A-Z]+-" log.txt | jq .
    "type": "fix",
    "scope": null,
    "subject": "something",
    "merge": null,
    "header": "fix: something",
    "body": null,
    "footer": "Closes JIRA-123",
    "notes": [],
    "references": [
        "action": "Closes",
        "owner": null,
        "repository": null,
        "issue": "123",
        "raw": "JIRA-123",
        "prefix": "JIRA-"
    "mentions": [],
    "revert": null
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