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Add bottom toolbar

See original GitHub issue

This is a really good one with ublock, violentmonkey and open links in app while waiting for SmartCookieWeb becomes compatible with Adguard. There are other things I hope you can improve it:

  1. Can you add an option to move the URL bar/toolbar to the bottom and add an option to toggle home button? The first is what prevents me to use other good FOSS browsers like Bromite or Ungoogled Chromium and the second prevents me to use Firefox (and other forks like Iceraven).
  2. Web dark mode right now doesn’t work but I think with GeckoView, it’s hard to do so. I’m using Dark Background and Light Text as an alternative since Dark Reader is quite heavy resource-eating.
  3. Add other search engines (including Google)
  4. Dark mode in Follow system theme now has some bugs with the colors when typing in URL like this Capture _2021-03-16-12-59-47

A small suggestion is that I think it’s better to put all the add-ons to a button for viewing when clicking on it, instead of putting them all in the toolbar, but it’s not really very big deal for me at the moment.

Sorry for a long suggestion, but this project has really good potential besides SmartCookieWeb. Hope you can continue it.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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ntnguyen1234commented, Mar 30, 2021

@ntnguyen1234 What function would this home button implement?

Go to home page, like current home page of SmartCookieWeb with default web sites (similar to Speed Dial in FF for example), or users can set any site as their home page.

CookieJarAppscommented, Mar 18, 2021

Sure, I’ll make sure these get added in the next update, this weekend.

The web dark mode is different to the one in SmartCookieWeb in that it only themes pages that have a dark mode built in (e.g. DuckDuckGo and the browser’s error pages), so that’s why it’s not as effective. I’ll probably rename the setting to make it more clear what it does.

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