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current master of cqparts requires cadquery>1.0.0 which isn’t released yet.

dcowden jmwright: When is the next release of cadquery planned?

edit: added checklist(s)

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fragmuffincommented, Mar 19, 2018

Done!, all released!

I think the github release side of things can be improved. The way it’s set up at the moment is sustainable, but will be hard for people to follow as more releases come along… the disadvantage to having a single repository host multiple libraries I guess.

@jmwright @dcowden @adam-urbanczyk I just want to thank you all, you’ve been so helpful and positive while I’ve been learning and building these libraries. Hopefully cadquery and cqparts by extension has a long life, and there are many more improvements to make, and things to learn.

I’ll be making small updates while I use the libraries, but my involvement will be less over the next few months while I do some “real” work 😉.

I’ve got to find a way to pay the bills, or I’ll have to stop open-source work almost entirely. But like I’ve said before, if money wasn’t a problem, I’d probably just do this for the rest of my days ❤️

adam-urbanczykcommented, Mar 21, 2018

@fragmuffin thanks for your contributions and good luck with your real work!

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