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Inconsistent progress bar between download and download_all

See original GitHub issue

In a notebook, I’ve observed that EODataAccessGateway.download_all was automatically selecting the right progress bar while wasn’t.

It’d be nice if could also select automatically the right progress bar. We could then completely remove all the from eodag.utils import NotebookProgressCallback;, progress_callback=NotebookProgressCallback()) from the notebooks 👍

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  • Created 2 years ago
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sbrunatocommented, Apr 21, 2021

for this parameter, mixing all suggestions, we can use something like:

def download(self, progress_callback=ProgressCallback(), **other_params):
    if not progress_callback:
        progress_callback = ProgressCallback(disable=True)
    # [...]

class ProgressCallback(object):
    def __init__(self, max_size=None, disable=False):
        self.disable = disable
        # [...]

    def __call__(self, **params):
        # [...]
        if self.pb is None:
            self.pb = tqdm(
        # [...]

Not providing progress_callback will led to the creation of a default progress bar, but giving it False, None ot other False-evaluated value will create a disabled tqdm bar.

floriandeboissieucommented, Apr 21, 2021
* If `progress_callback=None` (by default), then eodag should guess which progress bar to use with `get_progress_callback()`. This seems to be the current logic, let's stick to that.

My 2cents on this parameter:

  • If progress_callback=None, no progress bar
  • If progress_callback="auto", guess progress bar
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