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ipywidgets is required for tqdm's notebook progress bar

See original GitHub issue

In a fresh environment I got this error (just the end a longer traceback) when downloading a product with from “scihub”. I post this issue here as I think this issue is mostly related to eodag.

~/.pyenv/versions/3.8.6/envs/complete-eodag/lib/python3.8/site-packages/eodag_sentinelsat/ in extract(self, product_info)
    192                     for fileinfo in fileinfos:
    193                         zfile.extract(fileinfo, path=self.config.outputs_prefix)
--> 194                         bar(1)
    195             return product_info["path"][: product_info["path"].index(".zip")]
    196         else:

~/.pyenv/versions/3.8.6/envs/complete-eodag/lib/python3.8/site-packages/eodag/utils/ in __call__(self, current_size, max_size)
    392             self.max_size = max_size
    393         if self.pb is None:
--> 394             self.pb = tqdm_notebook(
    395                 total=self.max_size,
    396                 unit=self.unit,

~/.pyenv/versions/3.8.6/envs/complete-eodag/lib/python3.8/site-packages/tqdm/ in __init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
    237         unit_scale = 1 if self.unit_scale is True else self.unit_scale or 1
    238         total = * unit_scale if else
--> 239         self.container = self.status_printer(self.fp, total, self.desc, self.ncols)
    240         self.container.pbar = self
    241         self.displayed = False

~/.pyenv/versions/3.8.6/envs/complete-eodag/lib/python3.8/site-packages/tqdm/ in status_printer(_, total, desc, ncols)
    110         # Prepare IPython progress bar
    111         if IProgress is None:  # #187 #451 #558 #872
--> 112             raise ImportError(
    113                 "IProgress not found. Please update jupyter and ipywidgets."
    114                 " See"

ImportError: IProgress not found. Please update jupyter and ipywidgets. See

Two surprising things then:

  1. tqdm required ipywidgets for its notebook’s progress bar, however this dependency is set in their extras dependencies (notebook entry), which is unfortunate. I hadn’t noticed that before because I have ipywidgets installed in my dev environment to run the tutorial, and NotebookWidgets isn’t tested.

  2. When the product was being downloaded, the progress bar displayed was the default one. This error occurred when the product was being extracted. This is because eodag-sentinelsatcalls directly get_progress_callback to display a progress bar while extracting a file.

For 1., should we make ipywidgets a dependency? Or in a new notebook entry in the extras_require? If we make it an extra dependency, I’d have to check how to handle that with conda. I’m not sure they support extras_require, however I think that I could change the recipe from script: {{ PYTHON }} -m pip install . -vv to script: {{ PYTHON }} -m pip install .[notebook] -vv. I’d have to make sure it works though.

For 2., I’ll directly comment in #237, and whatever we do, we’d certainly have to update eodag-sentinelsat, I’ll open an issue there too to keep track of that.

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:6

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

sbrunatocommented, May 25, 2021

Usage of instead of tqdm.tqdm and tqdm.notebook.tqdm fixes the issue.

    """Automatically chooses beween `tqdm.notebook` and `tqdm.tqdm`."""
  • Use instead of tqdm.tqdm
  • Update eodag.utils.get_progress_callback to make it return only ProgressCallback
  • Deprecate NotebookProgressCallback
sbrunatocommented, May 25, 2021

fixed by GH-276

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