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Make the product's catalog more visible

See original GitHub issue

I’ve just had the case of a user who didn’t know a product type was made available by eodag. The new website (#233) will display the content of product_types.yml in one of the sections of the Getting Started. However, this still won’t be so easy to find or to browse. eodag list or dag.list_product_types() return the content of the YAML file, but this is also not so easy to explore.

I was thinking that we could have a script to generate a nicely formatted HTML page of this catalog. We could generate it during the docs build and link it or embed it in the documentation. We could also generate this HTML the first time EODataAccessGateway is instantiated (like the whoosh index or the default configuration file) and have a method to open that page in a browser (e.g. dag.open_product_catalog()).

This would allow users to:

  • Easily see the products that are made available directly by eodag
  • Find the product’s identifier eodag uses (e.g. S2_MSI_L1C)

For each product, we could add the list of providers that make it available.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

aoyonocommented, Jul 9, 2021

Yes, the guess_product_type was an attempt to achieve that. It would definitely help to gather the EO community thoughts somewhere to enhance it.

sbrunatocommented, Jul 9, 2021

Hi @aoyono , glad to see your message! And also, thanks for the suggestion.

That is true that the product type may be something not so easy to handle : it can be named differently between eodag, one provider, or another one.

There already exist the “guess product type” functionality. Is is documented here (It might need an example to be more clear).

We may also add some more examples in the documentation to show how to use it, like:

eodag search --platform SENTINEL2 --processingLevel L1 --box 1 43 2 44 --start 2021-03-01 --end 2021-03-31

It is also related to #165 to have some keywords to describe product types, and query them

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