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Different result from tradingview in VolatilityStop index

See original GitHub issue

the problem

hi, I noticed that in some cases there are discrepancies in the results from those calculated by the index and those presented by tradinview

to reproduce

Test code

var clinetBinace = new ApiClient_Binance();
            DateTime dateEnd = new DateTime(2020, 06, 01);
            var ohlcDays = clinetBinace.getOHLC(XtraCrypto_SymbolPair.BTC_USDT, TimeSpan.FromDays(1), endTime: dateEnd, limit: 300).ToQuote();
            var trendFast = ohlcDays.GetVolatilityStop(20, 2).ToList();
            DateTime[] dateTimesTest = new DateTime[]
                new DateTime(2020, 02, 17),
                new DateTime(2020, 02, 18),
                new DateTime(2020, 02, 19),
                new DateTime(2020, 02, 20),
                new DateTime(2020, 02, 24),
                new DateTime(2020, 02, 25),
                new DateTime(2020, 02, 26),
                new DateTime(2020, 02, 28),

                new DateTime(2020, 03, 1),
                new DateTime(2020, 03, 17),
                new DateTime(2020, 03, 18),
                new DateTime(2020, 03, 19),
                new DateTime(2020, 03, 20),

                new DateTime(2020, 04, 1),

                new DateTime(2020, 05, 8),
                new DateTime(2020, 05, 9),
                new DateTime(2020, 05, 10),
                new DateTime(2020, 05, 11),
                new DateTime(2020, 05, 12),
                new DateTime(2020, 05, 13),
                new DateTime(2020, 05, 14),
                new DateTime(2020, 05, 15),

            var trendVolatility = trendFast.Where(x => dateTimesTest.Contains(x.Date)).ToList();
            trendVolatility.ForEach(x => Console.WriteLine($"BINANCE - DATETIME: {x.Date}, UPPER: {x.UpperBand}, LOWER: {x.LowerBand}"));            

with this result image

and this tradingview result. You can see that upper start from 19/02 but VolatilityStop start from 26/02


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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:7 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

DaveSkendercommented, Jun 12, 2022

We use the original “Volatility System” stop and reverse formula from Welles Wilder’s book New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems.

DaveSkendercommented, Jun 22, 2022

@heavymanto, I’ll reopen this if you come back with a different conclusion after analyzing the above information and can arrive at a different conclusion.

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