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Unable to produce StochRSI with TEMA as a source.

See original GitHub issue

Hello… I’ve been working with this component a couple of months now. I’ve built my project around it. It’s great.

I am having a bit of difficulty trying to replicate an indicator on my chart.

I need to create a StochRSI (1,1,5,2) with the source of it’s data from TEMA(9). I’m only interested in the K of the StochRSI, which produces 0 and 100 only.

Here is what it looks like in TradingView: image

My problem is that when I try to do this. I only get 0 and nothing else. I’m supposed to get 100 for certain candles.

Here is my code:

 //convert candles
            var quotes = s.CandleHistories.Select(c => new Quote()
                                                Date = c.Time.DateTime,
                                                Open = c.Open,
                                                High = c.High,
                                                Low = c.Low,
                                                Close = c.Close,
                                                Volume = c.Volume
            //Get tema values
            var tema9 = quotes.GetTema(9);

            //Get StochRSI with Tema9 as source
            var temaquotes = tema9
                                .Where(x => x.Tema.HasValue)
                                .Select(x => new Quote() { 
                                    Close = Convert.ToDecimal(x.Tema.Value),
                                    Date = x.Date

            //This output ONLY produces 0... no 100s
            var stochrsiTema = temaquotes.GetStochRsi(1,1,5,2);

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:7 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cyberyagacommented, Aug 3, 2022

Oh Wow… What a stupid mistake…

Thanks for the help again. At least we got the GetStochRsi method to chain with GetTema 😃

DaveSkendercommented, Jul 26, 2022

I’ll try to take a look this weekend. Thanks for the extra info.

the project is now in .NET 7 …

I usually wait for GA before taking on new .NET versions, but got ahead of myself on this one. I sorta regret it as it requires me to keep two versions of Visual Studio on my computer and it breaks some VS Code IDE compatibility. Probably won’t do it again.

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