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Fill by gradients not supported

See original GitHub issue

Hi, In the beginning, thx for the cool converter. I discovered filling color is null if used any gradient. For example, you can take this SVG and convert it to kt

<svg height="150" width="400">
        <linearGradient id="grad1" x1="0%" y1="0%" x2="100%" y2="0%">
            <stop offset="0%" style="stop-color:rgb(255,255,0);stop-opacity:1" />
            <stop offset="100%" style="stop-color:rgb(255,0,0);stop-opacity:1" />
    <ellipse cx="200" cy="70" rx="85" ry="55" fill="url(#grad1)" />
public val ImagesGroup.Gradient: ImageVector
    get() {
        if (_gradient != null) {
            return _gradient!!
        _gradient = Builder(
            name = "Gradient", defaultWidth = 400.0.dp, defaultHeight = 150.0.dp,
            viewportWidth = 400.0f, viewportHeight = 150.0f
        ).apply {
                fill = null,
                /* expected
                                              colors = listOf(Color.Yellow, Color.Red),
                                              start = Offset(0f, 0f),
                                              end = Offset(Float.POSITIVE_INFINITY, 0f)
                stroke = null,
                strokeLineWidth = 0.0f,
                strokeLineCap = Butt,
                strokeLineJoin = Miter,
                strokeLineMiter = 4.0f,
                pathFillType = NonZero
            ) {
                moveTo(115.0f, 70.0f)
                arcToRelative(85.0f, 55.0f, 0.0f, true, false, 170.0f, 0.0f)
                arcToRelative(85.0f, 55.0f, 0.0f, true, false, -170.0f, 0.0f)

        return _gradient!!

private var _gradient: ImageVector? = null

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:7 (5 by maintainers)

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DevSrSouzacommented, Jul 23, 2021

The PR was merged, thank both @MarioFerreiraStorytel @jershell

MarioFerreiraStorytelcommented, Jul 21, 2021

@jershell I’ve created a pull request for this:

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