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Lazy cyclic dependencies are no longer possible in v2.0

See original GitHub issue


Since v2.0, it is no longer possible to have a cyclic dependency where one of the dependencies is lazy resolved. this results in the following error:

error DIE001: A cyclic dependency has been found Pure.DI.Example.Dependency <-- System.Lazy<Pure.DI.Example.IDependency2> <-- System.Func<Pure.DI.Example.IDependency2> <-- Pure.DI.Example.Dependency2 <-- Pure.DI.Example.Dependency.

In v1, code was generated to resolve the lazy dependency lazily.


public class Dependency : IDependency
    public Dependency(Lazy<IDependency2> dependency2) { }

public class Dependency2 : IDependency2
    public Dependency2(IDependency dependency) { }

public partial class Composition
    public static void Setup() =>


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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Yves-Becommented, Aug 10, 2023

That seems to work, up until you inject IDependency in the Service. I believe it is good enough for my case though.

NikolayPianikovcommented, Aug 11, 2023

Fixed in 2.0.13

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