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Serving vector tiles

See original GitHub issue

Instead of {z}/{x}/{y}.png I’d like {z}/{x}/{y}.pbf

I’ve generated something before like this:

tippecanoe -Q --no-tile-compression --no-tile-size-limit --minimum-zoom=7 --maximum-zoom=7 --drop-rate=1 --output-to-directory=file/ file.geojson

I imagine this would be the centroids of each pixel as a vector point? Do you think this is possible?

Do GeoTiff COG overviews hinder access to the native resolution pixels of the COG? It would be nice to serve native resolution vector-tile-pixels up to a desired zoom level.

Can overview pixels be accessed explicitly? that might be interesting to experiment with for higher zoom levels than a client could easily process

somewhat related to: <-- is this the same thing?

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dionhaefnercommented, Jul 7, 2021

I’m not sure how much work it would be to offer vector tile output, maybe it’s not that bad since rio-tiler has already done the hard part for us 😃

That being said, I’m not quite convinced that this is a nice use case. But if you really want this and put in a PR I could imagine to merge it.

Regarding your issues:

  • Filtering across multiple images (a pixel is only shown when all of the selected attributes are within a user-specified range). I’m assuming this could probably done with /compute route and some boolean logic. (All of my rasters were processed with target-aligned-pixels–but what happens if they weren’t? does /compute require images have the same extent?)

/compute should work well for this. There are no requirements in terms of alignment, as the computation is done on the final tile (which is always on the same xyz grid).

  • Display the exact value of a “pixel” on mouse-click. I can easily do this when it is vector. I thought I saw a /latlon route when I investigated terracotta a couple weeks ago but I don’t see it now ? maybe I am mis-remembering

Not possible out of the box, but there are some tricks you can use. We’ve discussed this here.

  • Custom colorscale actually might be easier than I thought. The non-dynamic scaling format seems easy enough. I could do something like this?: .png?colormap={0.0: ‘#ffffd9’, 17.691: ‘#edf8b1’, 35.382: ‘#c7e9b4’, 53.074: ‘#7fcdbb’, 70.764: ‘#41b6c4’, 88.455: ‘#1d91c0’, 106.147: ‘#225ea8’} <-- ahhh… this is rounding to the nearest key? but I need explicit steps (min or max) hmm… 😕

It sounds like what you want is actually a custom colormap. The explicit format you quote is meant for categorical data, where you can match values to colors 1:1. If you want interpolation between values, you need a custom colormap.

dionhaefnercommented, Jul 15, 2021

Did this end up working for you @chapmanjacobd ?

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