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Version 0.7.1 introduces DriverRegistrationError

See original GitHub issue

@dionhaefner I’ve changed the terracotta version from 0.7.0 to 0.7.1 in my deployment and now am getting:

rasterio.errors.DriverRegistrationError: ('No such driver registered: %s', b'COG')

I’ve seen this one before when I had an incorrect GDAL version installed, however I’m building directly off osgeo/gdal:ubuntu-small-3.3.0, hence I’m wondering if this is an issue that arises from some changes in 0.7.1?

I’m not installing terracotta using conda and the environment.yaml as conda is quite an overhead for Docker containers. Though, I’m still wondering why running the same code in the same environment causes this issue with 0.7.1.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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vincentsaragocommented, May 12, 2021

I think I usually re-install numpy on a fresh env just to make sure everything is ok

FROM osgeo/gdal:ubuntu-small-3.3.0

RUN apt-get update --fix-missing
RUN apt-get install python3-pip -Y

RUN python -m pip install Cython numpy -U
RUN python -m pip install terracotta[recommended] --no-binary rasterio
dionhaefnercommented, May 12, 2021

Starting from 0.7.1, we have pinned rasterio to a version that uses GDAL 2 for performance reasons. So it could very well be that this is a GDAL version conflict (2 vs 3). You can try upgrading rasterio after installing Terracotta, or downgrading GDAL (which I would recommend if you want the best possible performance).

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DriverRegistrationError: MEM driver is not registered. #631
My bad, of course. $ gdalinfo --version GDAL 1.11.3, released 2015/09/16.
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ChangeLog - Last modified
Changed /etc/debian_version to 8.7, for Debian 8.7 point release. bash ... USB: serial: fix memleak in driver-registration error path - vfio/pci: Fix NULL ......
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2019-September.txt - Debian
From noreply at Sun Sep 1 05:39:26 2019 From: noreply at ... Marked as fixed in versions python-dogpile.cache/0.7.1-1.
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