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Link for non-DockerHub tools is incorrect

See original GitHub issue

Describe the bug If a workflow references a non-DockerHub Docker image, the link incorrectly has as the domain.

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

curl -s '' -H 'Accept: application/json' | jq '.'
    "id": "icgc_pcawg_dkfz_workflow",
    "file": "dkfz/icgc_pcawg_dkfz_sbg.cwl",
    "docker": "",
    "link": ""
    "id": "pcawg_icgc_delly_workflow_1",
    "file": "delly/icgc_pcawg_seqware_delly_sbg.cwl",
    "docker": "",
    "link": ""

Note how the links are to DockerHub, even though the images are hosted on SB.

Visible in the UI by navigating to

Expected behavior Links should be to SB Docker image repository.

Additional context Happens on prod and dev. Dev info:

Webservice - 2589683

UI - 2.6.1-42-g3b3889cf

Compose Setup - 8c083bddfa2e8cfcb517792d45b03b95dc3dda5d

Deploy - 1.9.2-24-g3fa31af

┆Issue is synchronized with this Jira Story ┆Fix Versions: Dockstore 1.9.X ┆Issue Number: DOCK-1588 ┆Sprint: Sprint 45- Trumpetfish ┆Issue Type: Story

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:6 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

NatalieEOcommented, Oct 6, 2020

Current logic for making the link doesn’t yet support non-DockerHub/Quay entries (the code just reaches the last else clause):

A simple solution for now could be to check if the entry looks like a URL with regex?

Didn’t do much with it, but wrote some code that tries to detect the other image registries we support as an FYI

coverbeckcommented, Oct 20, 2020

Going to close. We can revisit link discussion if it comes up from a user, otherwise, I think it’s good for now.

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