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Require GC.SuppressFinalize(this) when virtual dispose?

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public abstract class C : IDisposable
    public void Dispose()
        // Require GC.SuppressFinalize(this); here?

    protected virtual void Dispose(bool disposing)

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:9 (1 by maintainers)

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sharwellcommented, Jan 20, 2019

In the current Dispose pattern, the call to SuppressFinalize is required if you have a virtual Dispose method and the containing type (C in this case). It does not matter whether a user-defined finalizer is present.

The rule is not optional in this pattern so you do not need a configuration option to disable it. New guidance for IDisposable which removes this requirement as part of a broad simplification is in progress but not yet approved as a recommendation.

JohanLarssoncommented, Jan 21, 2019

We keep it as default warning for now then.

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Be Careful Where You Put GC.SuppressFinalize - Alois Kraus
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