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Cannot scroll back when connecting to running interpreter

See original GitHub issue

Describe the issue you are having

When I connect to a running interpreter the RIDE IDE session window comes up blank. It would be nice if I could see what was in the session window, scroll back in its history etc. There is effectively no session history when connecting to a running interpreter.

(Note: any open edit/trace windows do come up and are populated.)

Did you connect to an already running interpreter or start the interpreter from RIDE?


How do you reproduce the issue?

Connect to a running interpreter.

Paste the contents of Help → About (Shift+F1)

  Version: 4.1.3170
  Platform: Linux x86_64
  Date: 2018-04-25 00:24:55 +0200
  Git commit: 9cd0c566b20f8eaa1abfb061d37a2fdf6d3911ef
    "lbarOrder":"← +-×÷*⍟⌹○!? |⌈⌊⊥⊤⊣⊢ =≠≤<>≥≡≢ ∨∧⍲⍱ ↑↓⊂⊃⊆⌷⍋⍒ ⍳⍸∊⍷∩~∪ /\\⌿⍀ ,⍪⍴⌽⊖⍉ ¨⍨⍣.∘⍤@ ⍞⎕⍠⌸⌺⌶⍎⍕ ⋄⍝→⍵⍺∇& ¯⍬ ",

  Version: unknown
  Platform: unknown
  Edition: unknown
  Date: unknown

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:5

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

DyalogRichardcommented, Apr 25, 2018

Got to the bottom of it, with Jay’s help. Executive summary - it’s an interpreter issue.

Construction of the ReplyGetLog message failed, because there was an invalid Unicode character in the (very long) session history. This really was in the session history, from when something I was working on spit out a DMX message containing junk.

We need to think about how to address it, but it’s not a RIDE issue.

DyalogRichardcommented, Apr 25, 2018

Interpreter issue is Mantis 15771 (

The interpreter will now translate invalid characters which cannot be UTF-8 encoded to 0xFFFD (REPLACEMENT CHARACTER - RIDE already displays invalid (but encodable) Unicode characters it receives this way.

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