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RIDE always shows status window

See original GitHub issue

Describe the issue you are having

2036⌶0 turns off “Autostatus”, that is, popping up the status window when text is written to it. RIDE seems to ignore that.

startup.dyalog, the “boot-loader” for Link, relies on this behaviour.

Did you connect to an already running interpreter or start the interpreter from RIDE?

Start an interpreter

How do you reproduce the issue?

      2⎕FIX':class' ':endclass'
DOMAIN ERROR: unnamed namespaces are not permitted when fixing multiple objects
      2 ⎕FIX':class' ':endclass'


Paste the contents of Help → About (Shift+F1)

  Version: 4.2.3370
  Platform: Win32
  Date: 2018-07-10 16:00:02 +0200
  Git commit: a9571b73a3c1fe8466c0db329952376414b9e7e1
    "lbarOrder":"← +-×÷*⍟⌹○!? |⌈⌊⊥⊤⊣⊢ =≠≤<>≥≡≢ ∨∧⍲⍱ ↑↓⊂⊃⊆⌷⍋⍒ ⍳⍸∊⍷∪∩~ /\\⌿⍀ ,⍪⍴⌽⊖⍉ ¨⍨⍣.∘⍤@ ⍞⎕⍠⌸⌺⌶⍎⍕ ⋄⍝→⍵⍺∇& ¯⍬ ",
    "selectedExe":"C:\\Program Files\\Dyalog\\Dyalog APL-64 18.0 Unicode\\dyalog.exe",

  Version: 18.0.35814
  Platform: Windows-64
  Edition: Unicode/64
  Date: Mar  7 2019 at 21:03:53

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  • State:open
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:7 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

abrudzcommented, Apr 4, 2019

I’ve raised issue 17116 for the interpreter side of things.

abrudzcommented, Apr 4, 2019

@jayfoad No, the interpreter is not telling RIDE to show the window or not, it is just telling RIDE what the current interpreter status (the one set with an I-beam) is. RIDE (or whatever is at the other end of the line) can of course do whatever it wants with that information.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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