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"Gamma Andromedae B" in Almach is not being sent or synced correctly

See original GitHub issue

I was running v.8.1.5 Portable edition at the time.

  1. Jumped into Almach.
  2. Scanned first star, it happened to be “Gamma Andromedae B”
  3. Scanned the rest. EDSM and EDDB have no trace of “Gamma Andromedae B” in Almach.

From the journal, the events happened in this order:

{ "timestamp":"2017-08-05T23:50:16Z", "event":"StartJump", "JumpType":"Hyperspace", "StarSystem":"Almach", "StarClass":"K" }

{ "timestamp":"2017-08-05T23:50:34Z", "event":"FSDJump", "StarSystem":"Almach", "StarPos":[-228.000,-110.656,-248.500], "SystemAllegiance":"", "SystemEconomy":"$economy_None;", "SystemEconomy_Localised":"None", "SystemGovernment":"$government_None;", "SystemGovernment_Localised":"None", "SystemSecurity":"$SYSTEM_SECURITY_low;", "SystemSecurity_Localised":"Low Security", "JumpDist":19.536, "FuelUsed":2.632070, "FuelLevel":51.323452 }

{ "timestamp":"2017-08-05T23:50:56Z", "event":"Scan", "BodyName":"Gamma Andromedae B", "DistanceFromArrivalLS":0.000000, "StarType":"B", "StellarMass":5.832031, "Radius":2088834560.000000, "AbsoluteMagnitude":-2.304291, "Age_MY":350, "SurfaceTemperature":17234.000000, "SemiMajorAxis":47085682688.000000, "Eccentricity":0.038773, "OrbitalInclination":53.712009, "Periapsis":299.751343, "OrbitalPeriod":64234916.000000, "RotationPeriod":88915.578125, "AxialTilt":0.224622 }

{ "timestamp":"2017-08-05T23:51:32Z", "event":"Scan", "BodyName":"Almach", "DistanceFromArrivalLS":1457.942383, "StarType":"K_OrangeGiant", "StellarMass":0.683594, "Radius":55639998464.000000, "AbsoluteMagnitude":-3.083420, "Age_MY":7348, "SurfaceTemperature":3998.000000, "SemiMajorAxis":401708253184.000000, "Eccentricity":0.038773, "OrbitalInclination":53.712009, "Periapsis":119.751335, "OrbitalPeriod":64234916.000000, "RotationPeriod":26039656.000000, "AxialTilt":-0.202368 }

{ "timestamp":"2017-08-05T23:58:56Z", "event":"Scan", "BodyName":"Almach AB 1", "DistanceFromArrivalLS":22027.472656, "TidalLock":false, "TerraformState":"", "PlanetClass":"Sudarsky class III gas giant", "Atmosphere":"", "AtmosphereComposition":[ { "Name":"Hydrogen", "Percent":73.513550 }, { "Name":"Helium", "Percent":26.486444 } ], "Volcanism":"", "MassEM":24.107784, "Radius":22907976.000000, "SurfaceGravity":18.310209, "SurfaceTemperature":304.309998, "SurfacePressure":0.000000, "Landable":false, "SemiMajorAxis":4576919420928.000000, "Eccentricity":0.446196, "OrbitalInclination":76.852470, "Periapsis":266.049194, "OrbitalPeriod":2091982720.000000, "RotationPeriod":112677.015625, "AxialTilt":0.460129 }

From the \Logs

[2017-08-06 01:50:16Z] New entry 05.08.2017 23:50:16 StartJump
[2017-08-06 01:50:34Z] New entry 05.08.2017 23:50:34 FSDJump
[2017-08-06 01:50:34Z] Arrived at system: Almach 1:th visit.
[2017-08-06 01:50:34Z] Update sync flag ID 47858 with 1
[2017-08-06 01:50:34Z] Update sync flag ID 47858 with 3
[2017-08-06 01:50:56Z] New entry 05.08.2017 23:50:56 Scan
[2017-08-06 01:51:21Z] New entry 05.08.2017 23:51:20 FuelScoop
[2017-08-06 01:51:32Z] New entry 05.08.2017 23:51:32 Scan
[2017-08-06 01:51:32Z] Update sync flag ID 47861 with 2
[2017-08-06 01:55:55Z] New entry 05.08.2017 23:55:55 USSDrop
[2017-08-06 01:55:56Z] New entry 05.08.2017 23:55:56 SupercruiseExit
[2017-08-06 01:56:30Z] New entry 05.08.2017 23:56:30 StartJump
[2017-08-06 01:56:35Z] New entry 05.08.2017 23:56:35 SupercruiseEntry
[2017-08-06 01:58:56Z] New entry 05.08.2017 23:58:56 Scan
[2017-08-06 01:58:56Z] Update sync flag ID 47866 with 2

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:11 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

klightspeedcommented, Aug 6, 2017

Rescan all Journals is used for if a previous version missed an event. It is not necessary when refreshing the history display.

I took a commander I have in the Bubble out to that system and deliberately scanned the primary star first.

panzertardcommented, Aug 6, 2017

Brilliant, thank you. At least it’s recorded properly now. I’m just trying to be diligent that we have a good data-quality of what’s being delivered to the network. we’re all consuming this data later. 😃

But there’s no way to ensure the data isn’t ‘lost in translation’ then? Or can it question the user then perhaps about what happened? But there’s no interface to present such a question & resolution available per se I guess. Nor a ‘warning’ sound that interaction is required.

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