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How to add dynamic voices?

See original GitHub issue

I have this sub-menu:

const projects = new TelegrafInlineMenu(ctx => ctx.i18n.t('projectsHandler'));
main.submenu(ctx => ctx.i18n.t('projectsHandler'), 'p', projects);

essentially when I type the command myprojects the menu is displayed, and this works well. Now, I need to show in this menu all the projects store inside my MongoDB database, so essentially when I write /myprojects the menu must be built dynamically.

Could you tell me how can I add dynamic voices?

Kind regards.

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EdJoPaTocommented, Apr 23, 2019

Oh, I meant that differently. Sorry for not being clear there. Thats what I meant with textFunc:

menu.selectSubmenu(…, getOptions, p, {
  textFunc: (ctx, key) => {…}

If you like your way and want to continue it, you can return a dictionary like the following example. Its nice to have but tended to messy code in my experience.

  a: 'AAA',
  b: 'BBB'
  c: 'I like trains'

which would require this code:

    let objects = {};
    projects.forEach(p => {
        objects[p._id] =;
EdJoPaTocommented, Apr 23, 2019

If I understand your code correctly you want to have this menu structure:

  • main
    • projects
      • p (for each option)

In this case main.submenu(…, projects) is still what you wanted? Your last example has two selectSubmenu calls which you probably don’t want?

To your question 1: you can set the columns on a 1 column → 1 entry per row.

To your question 2: The menu p which handles the specific project can read it from ctx.match. Most likely ctx.match[1] but it can be different depending on the menu structure.

Maybe its helpful to explain the purpose of each method:

  • submenu takes a submenu and one button leading to it
  • select takes multiple options which can be used to select something out of multiple entries.
  • selectSubmenu combines both: you can pick which option you want to handle in the submenu
const projects = new …

const p = new TelegrafInlineMenu(ctx => ctx.match[1])
projects.selectSubmenu('pro', ctx => loadProjectsForContext(ctx), p)…, projects)
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