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How to show back button?

See original GitHub issue

Hi again,

I can’t see the back button in the sub-menu:

    const config = new TelegrafInlineMenu("Configuration")

    //Available languages
    const locales = new TelegrafInlineMenu("Locales");
    locales.simpleButton("italian", 'SET_LOCALE_IT', {
        doFunc: async ctx => settingsController.SetLocale(ctx, bot)
    locales.simpleButton("english", 'SET_LOCALE_EN', {
        doFunc: async ctx => settingsController.SetLocale(ctx, bot)

    config.submenu("Set locale", 's', locales);
        backButtonText: "back...",
        mainMenuButtonText: "Go to main menu",

When I press on Set Locale I get:

  • Italian
  • English
  • Go to main menu

but the back button missing… what I did wrong?

Thanks in advnance

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:8 (4 by maintainers)

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sfarzosocommented, Apr 21, 2019

@EdJoPaTo Thanks for your support and congrats for this helpful library 😃

EdJoPaTocommented, Apr 21, 2019

The init is only required once per menu “tree”: Having two separate menus you need to init both. If one is a submenu of the other one, you only need to init it once.

- main
- config
→ Init both

- main
  - config
→ Init only main

And to your other question: Commands can be on every menu wherever they are in a menu tree. So this is possible:

const mainmenu = new TelegrafInlineMenu(…)

const submenu = new TelegrafInlineMenu(…)
mainmenu.submenu(…, submenu)


This way you can either use /start and go to the submenu with a button or use /config (as a shortcut). This is especially handy for things like /help or /settings.

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