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How to load dynamic voice to menu?

See original GitHub issue

I have this menu:

const project = new TelegrafInlineMenu(ctx => 

const projectsHandler = new TelegrafInlineMenu(ctx => ctx.i18n.t('hereYourProjs'));
    async ctx => projectController.GetProjects(await ctx.getChatMember(,     
        columns: 1

essentially when I type the command “/myprojects” the controller “projectController” load all the projects available from my database as menu voice.

Now I would like to know how can I click on a voice menu (loaded from the database) and display the details of that voice. Eg:

  1. /mycommands
  2. bot load all the projects as voice menu 3 I click on a voice menu eg: “test”, the bot need to display the details of that project as a submenu and in that submenu I need to have also the back button to display again all the projects.

Could you kindly show me a little example how to do this?

Note: this method projectController.DisplayProjectDetails just return the project object that must be displayed as submenu after clicking on it.

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EdJoPaTocommented, May 23, 2019

In general I assume you have two methods depending on your storage setup:

function getAllProjectKeys() {
  return ['karl', 'bob', 'tim']

function getProjectDetails(key: string): {description: string, …} {
  return {title: 'Bob', description: 'Very foo bar'}

My approach to writing a menu is this way:

function detailsMenuText(ctx) {
  const projectDetails = getProjectDetails(ctx.match[0])
  let text = ''
  text += projectDetails.title + '\n'
  text += projectDetails.description
  return text

const detailsMenu = new TelegrafInlineMenu(detailsMenuText)

const projectOverviewMenu = new TelegrafInlineMenu('Select your project')

projectOverviewMenu.selectSubmenu('p', getAllProjectKeys, detailsMenu)

I hope it helps 😃

EdJoPaTocommented, May 21, 2019

Thanks. Now I got what you want to achieve. In this case you already have the project menu?

Your projectMenu has a selectSubmenu with all the projects of the user as buttons. When the user uses a button he gets into the project menu and ctx.match[1] contains the chosen project as you already implemented. But you should not use ctx.reply there. You have to return the text in that function so it should be like this:

const project = new TelegrafInlineMenu(ctx => projectController.DisplayProjectDetails(ctx.match[1]));

Also the back button is only there when you defined its text in menu.init like you defined the back to main menu button. See the its documentation.

  backButtonText: 'back…',
  mainMenuButtonText: 'to Main Menu…'

I hope it helps 😃

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