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How to open menu via code?

See original GitHub issue


I have the following menu:

    const projectEdit = new TelegrafInlineMenu(
        async ctx => await projectController.DisplayProjectDetails(ctx, ctx.match[1])
    projectEdit.simpleButton(ctx => ctx.i18n.t('editName'), 'EDIT_PR_NAME', {
        doFunc: async ctx => {
            await ctx.scene.enter('projectName-wizard');

this menu simply allow the user to edit the name of the project through ctx.scene.enter('projectName-wizard'). So when the Wizard-Scene is completed, that scene print the following message:


and then:

return pr;

where pr is the object which contains the project. I get the following result:


Is possible go back to [PROJECT EDIT MENU], and so reloading the project details as did by: elegrafInlineMenu(async ctx => await projectController.DisplayProjectDetails(ctx, ctx.match[1]));?

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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EdJoPaTocommented, Jun 7, 2019

A working example is within the tests:

My approach of solving things is to simplify and remove as much as possible in my experimental environment. If there it is not fitting on one screen there is to much going on to understand. 😃

When I have more time I will take a look but I will only do the same: simplify everything 😉 I hope I could help 😃

EdJoPaTocommented, Jun 10, 2019

hide prevents a button to be seen or when still existing to be clicked.

If you want to locked button feature you could do it yourself like this:

function isButtonLocked(ctx) { return true/false }

menu.simpleButton(ctx => `${isButtonLocked(ctx) ? '🔒' : '🔓'} my text`, 'action', {
  doFunc: ctx => {
    if (isButtonLocked(ctx) {
      return ctx.answerCbQuery('currently locked!')

    return ctx.answerCbQuery('currently unlocked :)')
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