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Fails if playlist is deleted

See original GitHub issue

The last successful run on 1.8.2018 at 4:35, since then every hourly run gives this error message for the updatePlaylists function: TypeError: Cannot read property "items" from undefined. (line 169, file "Code") Sadly Google Sheets doesn’t give any more output than that.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:8 (5 by maintainers)

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Fabian42commented, Aug 7, 2018

I found the problem!!! I basically know no JavaScript, no Google Apps scripts, no YouTube API, no Google Sheets API, not your code, but I still found the bug! I only discovered the logger when I was already done, until then I passed the “sheet” variable to other methods to be able to write something into a cell. This was to try to reduce the problem to a minimum example as good as I can, but then I found out that var results = YouTube.PlaylistItems.list(‘snippet’, {playlistId: playlistId, maxResults: 50, order: “date”, publishedAfter: lastTimestamp, pageToken: nextPageToken}); gives an error, so the catch block gets run. Then I wanted to look at all parameters of that individually, but putting playlistId into the table cell was already enough, because I saw the third playlist ID. I thought “hm, that’s strange, why doesn’t it fail at the first or second one”, so I looked at the playlist on YouTube and what did I find? The playlist was deleted!

So apparently the script fails if the playlist it tries to get the items from does not exist. This could probably be solved by adding something to the catch block that just skips the playlist or maybe writes something into the table or whatever, so that the next time the user gets an automated failure summary from Google, the error is easier to find. Or at least an FAQ entry that says that this error means “check your playlist IDs”. Because “TypeError: Cannot read property "items" from undefined. (line 169, file "Code")” isn’t really a helpful error message.

On Sat, 4 Aug 2018 at 08:06, Elijas Dapšauskas wrote:

I currently have to make my financial ends meet, so I have to work on other projects. Therefore, I really can’t say. I’m sorry 😞

What are the options, then? Well, someone could post a bounty on (If you do so, please post the link of it in a comment of this issue).

Alternatively you could formulate a question on StackOverflow, like it was done here here (Same as above, please questions in the comments).

As for longer-term, if the community expresses a dire need for the project to be supported, I could set up a Patreon account and we could work this out together! 👍

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victorjzsuncommented, Nov 21, 2019

Closing this after adding new logs to script

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