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TypeError: Cannot read property "items" from undefined.

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Seems like working, but only date is updated and error appears. For keystring: PL1YG9ktx9sVfaeZtTh0riY1nOrHkWaj6c it produce that error. Of more info needed let me know.

XHR finished loading: POST "".
p.send @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:321
KR.Wfa @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:4224
wm.send @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:479
p.OPb @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:4153
p.send @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:4152
lUb.N3 @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:4228
p.Ae @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:477
p.mLa @ 4080546244-ritz_waffle_i18n_ritzmaestro__pl.js:113
p.kPb @ 4080546244-ritz_waffle_i18n_ritzmaestro__pl.js:126
wqa @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:436
zjc @ 2995667118-ritz_waffle_i18n_postshellbase__pl.js:20
MDd @ 4080546244-ritz_waffle_i18n_ritzmaestro__pl.js:126
p.hob @ 4080546244-ritz_waffle_i18n_ritzmaestro__pl.js:137
p.jK @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:602
p.xc @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:606
(anonymous) @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:1093
Zca @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:100
p.dispatchEvent @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:98
p.Qh @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:844
p.Jo @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:843
p.Jo @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:850
p.mY @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:953
Xca @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:95
Tca @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:96
c @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:2402
(anonymous) @ 720521041-ritz_waffle_i18n_core__pl.js:92
Google Apps Script: TypeError: Cannot read property "items" from undefined.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:5

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victorjzsuncommented, Sep 15, 2019

Related to #25, none of the default playlists exist on YT anymore so it can’t pull the vids from it

victorjzsuncommented, Nov 21, 2019

Updated script to correctly pull videos from playlists, so closing this issue

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