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Help Wanted: Testing the Hit-Test feature

See original GitHub issue

With the updates (, the current hit testing issue with transformed geometry is fixed. However, more tests are needed to verify this feature and your help is needed.

The hit test feature is implemented in the WpfDrawingDocument class and will be the basis of interactivity support in the controls; SvgCanvas and SvgViewbox. A sample application WpfTestSvgControl is available for testing this important feature.

How to help?

  1. Get the current source from the repository and build it.
  2. Run the sample application, WpfTestSvgControl and use it to open SVG files.
  3. Perform the hit tests in the drawing panel and observe the results in the bottom panel.
  4. Report any issue and suggestions for improvements.
  5. Try some of the options in the Settings tab, but keep the Include support for SharpVectors Runtime library option checked.


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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:11 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ThunderChild-001commented, Nov 5, 2020

@paulushub I found a solution for the transparency issue.

In HitTestDrawing(DrawingGroup group, Point pt, out Drawing hitDrawing) in WpfDrawingDocument.cs, Instead of using “SvgObject.GetId(drawing)” I use “SvgObject.GetId(group)”.

I’m not sure if it’s being put into a group with another node due to the transparency. This solution also works for SvgObject.GetUniqueId()

As far as the other problem goes, I simply won’t use the transformations / groupings. I simply removed them and it works fine.

ThunderChild-001commented, Nov 3, 2020

I am currently playing around with this feature. Unfortunately I’m having a little difficulty getting it to work with the SVGs that I have been given.

The paths and rectangles in this document are grouped into a layer which has a transform. This seems to be causing the bounds check to fail in HitTestDrawing() in WpfDrawingDocument.cs. He comes to the line: if (group.Bounds.Contains(pt)) and leaves. I think its something to do with him looking in the wrong location due to the transform?

There maybe also a problem with transparent objects. I need to investigate further as far as this goes but he doesn’t seem to like some of the styles that are used. I will also keep digging but im not sure if I will discover the problem.

I’m attaching one of the SVGs incase it is something of interest.


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