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Stroke-width and BoundingBox

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Hi, I’ve a simple text with the stroke-width parameter set at “0.001px”, when I try to render this into the WpfTestSvgSample I have a bounding box bigger that my text. If I set the parameter at “0.002px” or bigger the issue disappear. I try to find the error in the code but I still don’t know where it could be.

I try to solve it by adding a simple line into the GetStrokeWidth() function strokeWidthLength.Value = Math.Max(strokeWidthLength.Value, 0.002); but I know it’s an orrible solution.

Have you any solution for this?



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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:9 (9 by maintainers)

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LucaPassarellacommented, Nov 8, 2020

I found another case with the same problem, and the fix does not work. Probably it’s due to the position of the red circle.

paulushubcommented, Nov 8, 2020

@LucaPassarella Yes, it was clear. On investigating, I found it was resulting from the translation transform applied after the drawing is rendered to try and position it within the viewbox. As I stated, it was a work around the issue, since I could not tell why applying the transform changes the size in such case. What I did was to get the size of the drawing before and after applying the transform, if it changes, I discard the transform all together.

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