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Media Path not Updated when File Upgraded / Renamed in Plex

See original GitHub issue

I’m using a Plex Library, which is being fed movies from Sonarr. Occasionally, a movie file might be upgraded, so for example, a movie may have been located at /data/Movies/<Movie Name>/<Movie Name>.480p.mkv when first scanned into ErsatzTV. Then in the background, a higher quality version is downloaded, such that the movie is now at /data/Movies/<Movie Name>/<Movie Name>.1080p.mkv.

As a result, I see errors when tuning to the channel of the form: “Playout item does not exist on disk” with the old file path.

So, two questions/issues:

  1. It seems all of the other metadata (tags, genres, posters, etc.) is getting updated from a library scan, but the path is not.
  2. I can’t see to find any where in the GUI that displays where ErsatzTV thinks the media sits on disk; i.e., if I navigate to “”, it would be nice to have the path to that item shown somewhere on the page, unless I’m just not seeing it.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

wraith1385commented, Oct 8, 2022

I can confirm that several items that weren’t working before are now working.

wraith1385commented, Oct 5, 2022

I can test as soon as it makes it into the develop/nvidia docker image.

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