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feat: improve error message when the request fails

See original GitHub issue

Hello, graphman worked with my local backend, nice ❤️

I tried to do that

# create a new token
$ open
$ export GITHUB_TOKEN="xxxxxxxx"
# works for me
$ curl -H "Authorization: bearer $GITHUB_TOKEN"
$ alias graphman="deno  run"
$ graphman --auth="bearer $GTHUB_TOKEN"
Creating the postman collection for
⚠️  ️Deno requests net access to "". Run again with --allow-net to bypass this prompt.
   Allow? [y/n (y = yes allow, n = no deny)]  y
error: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '__schema')
  const queryTypeName = introspectionQuery.__schema.queryType
    at createPostmanCollection (
    at async



The actual issue is the lack of a good error message when the http call fails

As it turns out it was a typo (thanks for the comments)

$ graphman --auth="bearer $GITHUB_TOKEN"
Collection saved at ./out/
Import it in postman and complete the queries ! 🚀

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  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:7 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

jmfayardcommented, Aug 11, 2022

@c3b5aw @nohehf it was indeed a typo and the issue is the cryptic error message, I updated the ticket.

Another question: could you clarify in the README how to bypass those warnings?

It was unclear to me where to put the arguments, I’m not familiar with deno.

⚠️  ️Deno requests net access to "". Run again with --allow-net to bypass this prompt.
   Allow? [y/n (y = yes allow, n = no deny)]  y
⚠️  ️Deno requests read access to "./out/". Run again with --allow-read to bypass this prompt.
   Allow? [y/n (y = yes allow, n = no deny)]  y
⚠️  ️Deno requests write access to "./out/". Run again with --allow-write to bypass this prompt.
   Allow? [y/n (y = yes allow, n = no deny)]  y
Collection saved at ./out/
c3b5awcommented, Aug 10, 2022 --auth="bearer $GTHUB_TOKEN"

Hello @jmfayard,

On my end everything is working properly, can you take away my doubt and re-try with a correct environment variable ? I suspect a typo error as $GTHUB_TOKEN is missing a I.

@nohehf, maybe it miss a bit of feedback whenever the request failed to get a correct introspection. - Here it would deny the request for invalid auth. I suggest that you print the response received on 401, 500 etc, as well as when the payload is a valid graphql payload and contains an error key.

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