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Should We Create an Arcade Expression Functions Plugin or Documentation of Equivalent Functions?

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Although I was initially skeptical, I have fallen in love with Arcade Expressions. I was wondering if there was desire and/or support to connect Arcade Expressions into the Esri-Leaflet ecosystem? I know I have written a function that is the equivalent of IsEmpty for my Leaflet apps. Below are some initial thoughts of what this could potentially look like. I would love for this community to chime in.

  • Create an esri-leaflet-arcade plugin that allows you to write Arcade Expressions in esri-leaflet. This is probably not realistic, but I wanted to include it anyway
  • Create a section on the documentation site or repo wiki that provides reference to JavaScript functions that can be used in esri-leaflet that are equivalent to Arcade Expressions.
  • Other great ideas this community comes up with

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

pmacMapscommented, Apr 16, 2020

In web maps, I’ve only used Arcade for pop-up content. So that’s the angle I’m coming from. But I think in whatever ways we could support Arcade functionality would be ideal.

psmyth2commented, Apr 17, 2020

Thanks for great work you all do. Currently finding myself in position where I’d like to utilize a L.esri.featureLayer with symbology published in the service using ‘valueExpression’ written in Arcade. Have found the valueExpression is often only option for setting up more advanced attribute-based transparency/symbology. Would this potential enhancement apply to L.esri.dynamicMapLayer usage as well?

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