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Wrapping Tools in Functions

See original GitHub issue

Is there any particular reason why the tools analysis functions are not wrapped in functions with parameters? One challenge I have had is that sometimes it makes sense to use Python with these tools and that is often made difficult because the functionality is not wrapped inside of a functions. The benefits of doing this are the following:

  • Enables tool import into other tools outside of this library

  • Makes it easier to build off the tools

  • Provides a way to edit inputs without going through the GUI

I am willing to help with this if this is a big ask. The general pattern I used for my tools looks like this:

`# Main Function def chained_near_analysis(in_fc, near_features, search_radius=None, location=False, angle=False,fid=False, method=“PLANAR”):

if name == ‘main’:

# Define input parameters

input_features = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0)

near_features = str(arcpy.GetParameterAsText(1)).split(";")

search_radius = arcpy.GetParameter(2)

location = arcpy.GetParameter(3)

angle = arcpy.GetParameter(4)

fid = arcpy.GetParameter(5)

method = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(6)

chained_near_analysis(input_features, near_features, search_radius, location, angle,fid, method)`

This isolates the function from the GetParameter functions which require typically some interaction from a GUI. Do you have any concerns with this approach?

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mmorangcommented, Jun 5, 2019

The transit analysis tools will not be deprecated. They have been re-implemented as a python toolbox in a similar way to BetterBusBuffers (runTool()) in this branch, which will be merged as soon as Pro 2.4 is released.

d-wassermancommented, Jun 6, 2019

While I might prefer a more descriptive function call name, this is acceptable. Thank you for incorporating this feedback, it actually saved me on a project.

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