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Issues after testing #500 in ArcMap

See original GitHub issue

Issues after testing #500 in ArcMap:

Incident Hot Spot

  • Change Parameter Name Incidents_OptimizedHotSpotAn to Incident Hot Spot
  • Tool defaults back to ArcGIS/default.gdb

Hot Spot by Area

  • Keeps features selected after completed analysis (Clear Selection either in doc or tool) image

  • Group result layers (Add a doc step)

Incident Density

  • Raster output does not display

Incidents by LOC

  • Not receiving expected results

Expected: image

Received: image


@mfunk @Dbarnes1 @BobBooth @elinz @migueldls

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:22 (22 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Dbarnes1commented, May 12, 2017

@BobBooth I was just talking to @mfunk and it looks like the way we fix the symbology for Incidents by LOC is by changing the symbology classification in our sample layer file from manual to some other class breaks (preferably natural breaks)

mfunkcommented, May 12, 2017

@BobBooth So I modified the Count Incidents by LOC and also ran the tool you sent me. The output match each other, but still don’t match the original sample layer. So in this screenshot there are three coincident line features, so visually it will be hard to tell the difference so I labelled on FREQUENCY field where

  • Original sample data is in RED.
  • Matt’s modified tool output is in PURPLE
  • Bob’s modified tool output is in BLACK


On the road to the far left there is the greatest difference where the original counted 11 incidents and the modifications counted 35.

This is also showing another hidden bug that we haven’t found before. Notice that there are a bunch of floating 78’s in the middle but no road? Weird huh? The road does exist there, but our output symbology classification’s max break is at 76… effectively excluding anything that is a FREQUENCY of 77 or higher. While you can’t see it on this screenshot the actual FREQUENCY maximum is 85. So we are not displaying several roads that have VERY HIGH incident counts.


So I think we are back to removing the AOI from Count Incident By LOC.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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