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Server not listed on ServerList.Internet

See original GitHub issue


I started to use your wrapper to implement steamworks on my game but I have an issue with creating a steam lobby, the lobby seems correctly registred to steam (server.LoggedOn returns true) but I can’t find the server, even without filters I’m using the source from the Facepunch.Steamworks.Unity project

Here is the code of the server creation :

// SteamManager.APP_ID = 480 (same as steam_appid.txt)
// version = "0.25.0"
// SteamManager.SteamClient is instance of Client

server = new Server (SteamManager.APP_ID, 0, port, port, port, true, version);
server.LogOnAnonymous ();
server.MaxPlayers = maxPlayers;
server.ServerName = serverName ;
// some other settings & setKeys

ticket = SteamManager.SteamClient.Auth.GetAuthSessionTicket ();
if (!server.Auth.StartSession (ticket.Data, SteamManager.SteamClient.SteamId)) {
    Debug.LogWarning ("Auth failed on server creation");

Is something missing from the server creation ?

For the listing I simply use

SteamManager.SteamClient.ServerList.Internet ();

With or without filters

Thanks for your support

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  • Created 6 years ago
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garrynewmancommented, Jun 11, 2017

Server lists are kind of a two stage thing. First your server needs to get itself listed with Steam. You can check if that’s successful by starting your server and going to:

where the address is your own ip address.

Then the server needs to be reachable by the client. Your client will download a list of ips and ports from Steam, and then try to ping them and retrieve information like player count etc. If it can’t ping them it’ll assume they’re not up.

Reasons for not being able to ping would usually be firewall related. But if you’re hosting and checking on the same computer you can rule that out.

From your code it looks like you might be using the same port for the game connection port, the server query port and the steam connection. This would probably cause issues (and I should maybe put an assert there).

I would try changing the steam port to port+1 to see if that fixes it. It’s okay for the game and query port to be the same as long as your game is udp (query is tcp).

jswigartcommented, Jun 12, 2021

Ok a follow up. I was able to finally get it to show in the server browser. I noticed that my server was being returned by a client Steamworks.ServerList.Internet, despite not showing up on the master server list steam window, so on a whim I changed my moddir to match one that was showing up, in this case “spacewar” and eureka, the server started showing up.

So apparently the mod directory can’t just be anything. That leaves me with the question of, what determines valid values for the moddir to ensure the server will show up?

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